Welcome to the webpage of the
Ing. Michael Kienreich GmbH!

Founded by Ing. Michael Kienreich, who is self-employed since 2001, in 2003,
we mainly focus on electronic research&development as an assistance for other

We try to be a good partner threw every stage of our/your project and also further
on. Next to the professional services we offer, I see our main competence in the
ability to give support also after finishing a project.

Mr. Kienreich comes from the telecommunications business and was former working
in the semiconductor layout and radio planning for telecommunication services.

Starting up from zero, we already have resources of 5 (partly) employed and
good qualified technicians.

Especially for young companies like ours it isn't to easy to take place in the
big business. So it would be a great pleasure for us to convince also you of
our skills.