A short overview over the services we provide:

First of all our main experiences:
* ASIC and PCB Layout from High Voltage processes up to RF (3GHz) chips
* Digital Layout with Silicon Ensemble, First Encounter and Astro
* VHDL programming and testing in a XILINX environment
* Assembler and C++ programming for 80x51 processors

Further on we offer:
* PCB Boards from circuit development to measurement activities
* Manual translations between german, english, french, korean and hungarian
* Training for Tools used at our company (Cadence ASIC development software
for analog and digital - Virtuoso, IC-Craftsman, Silicon Ensemble, ... -
Mentor Design Tools - PADS, ... - Keil and some others)
* Strategie planning and project management as well as internal communications

If you have any more questions or need an offer please don't hesitate to contact us